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History of Peine Farms

Peine Farms dates back to the 1930’s when Jeff and Roger’s father John grew up on a 240 acre farms near Farmington, Minnesota in Empire Township. There, John farmed with his father Henry and his brothers, but in 1941, the farm was taken by the government to build an ammunition plant for World War II. The notice came on Palm Sunday of 1941; they were given 30 days to not only relocate the farm, but to also move their family of ten. 


Henry purchased a dairy farm, just five miles to the south, where they moved the entire hog barn and granary, but it didn't last long, because in the fall of 1941, financial difficulties led to the farm being taken back.


The family was once again on the move, along with  the hog barn and granary to a farm east of New Trier, Minnesota, where John farmed for eight years.


Finally John, with his wife Helen, whom he married in 1949, moved the farm five miles north of Cannon Falls, Minnesota, where it sits today. 


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