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Peine Farms is committed to being good stewards of the land that they farm. They proudly utilize the latest in technology and innovation as they practice precision agriculture and responsible farming.


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How Peine Farms Utilizes Precision Agriculture
  • GPS /Guidance Systems – SF1/RTK

    • Reduce Overlap which reduces fuel usage

    • Reduces the amount of time spent in a field

  • Row Clutch Shutoffs

    • Allows planter units to shut off when crossing over already planted rows

    • Reduce seed costs/increase yield where overlap would have occurred

    • Creates more opportunity for even yield on headlands, field boundaries, and other point rows due to less competition for nutrients in the soil.

  • Grid Sampling (Soil Sampling)

    • Provides soil fertility information

    • Important for variable rate application. Determines areas that may need more/less of a certain nutrient.

    • Reduces fertilizer usage by not over-applying and only applying where needed.

  • Yield mapping

    • Provides data on crop performance.

    • Yield data is used to analyze past management decisions which is then used to make future management decisions.

    • Prescription maps for fertilizer application and variable rate planting populations are created by combining yield maps with grid sampling maps.

  • Variable rate spreading/planting

    • Appling fertilizer where it is required versus applying a flat rate over a field has greatly reduced the amount of fertilizer used at Peine Farms. We can cut back on areas that don’t need it and allocate it to areas lacking that nutrient. It eliminates over-applying.  

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